How do you transfer pictures from a computer to a DVD?


Insert a blank recordable DVD and, when prompted, select to Open a writable DVD folder. A window will automatically open into which you can drag and drop the photos that you want to burn. Once you've selected the photos, click Write these files to DVD.
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1. Insert a blank DVD into the disc-burning drive on your computer. You will need a DVD RW drive on your computer to accomplish this task, as regular DVD drives are not capable of
Go to profile and click add picture then click on "eaiser way" and browse for the picture.
1 Use a USB cable. Since most digital cameras today feature USB connectivity, this is a very way to go. It's not always effective, though, and depends on the unique combination of
1. Remove the top to the microSD memory card USB adapter and slide the microSD memory card inside the USB adapter. 2. Plug the microSD memory card USB adapter into the USB port of
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