How do you transfer pictures from a computer to a DVD?


Insert a blank recordable DVD and, when prompted, select to Open a writable DVD folder. A window will automatically open into which you can drag and drop the photos that you want to burn. Once you've selected the photos, click Write these files to DVD.
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1. Start Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder containing your pictures. 2. Insert a blank writable DVD into your DVD drive. 3. Start your DVD-writing software. 4. Select "
1. Log in to your email account. Click the "Compose" or "New" option to set up a new email draft. 2. Type your own email address in the "To: field. Type &
1. Insert the blank DVD into the DVD burner on your computer. Launch the DVD-burning software installed on your system. 2. Select "Video DVD" from the available formats.
1. Point your web browser to to go to the HandBrake video compression software download page. 2. If you would like to read about HandBrake's
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