How to Transfer Pictures from Computer to DVD?


Insert a blank recordable DVD and, when prompted, select to Open a writable DVD folder. A window will automatically open into which you can drag and drop the photos that you want to burn. Once you've selected the photos, click Write these files to DVD.
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1. Start Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder containing your pictures. 2. Insert a blank writable DVD into your DVD drive. 3. Start your DVD-writing software. 4. Select "
If your computer is less than ten years old, it probably has a DVD reader. When the computer has finished starting up, you put the disc into the slot. Computer will read it automatically
Download VLC media player free from their website. Then you play the DVD, pause it during a picture, rightclick then click snapshot. Then you have the pictures. Hope this helps! Source
Click on "Options" which should be in the bottom right
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