How do you transfer pictures from a computer to a DVD?


Insert a blank recordable DVD and, when prompted, select to Open a writable DVD folder. A window will automatically open into which you can drag and drop the photos that you want to burn. Once you've selected the photos, click Write these files to DVD.
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1. Start Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder containing your pictures. 2. Insert a blank writable DVD into your DVD drive. 3. Start your DVD-writing software. 4. Select "
Go to profile and click add picture then click on "eaiser way" and browse for the picture.
1. Log on to your computer and plug the flash drive into a free USB port. Right-click on "My Computer" and choose "Explore" from the menu to open Windows Explorer
1. Right-click the image in Google and click "Save As. 2. Type a name for the picture into the "File name" text box and click "Save. 3. Log into your Facebook
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