How to Transfer VHS Tapes to CD Free?


VHS tapes can be converted to CDs by first connecting the VCR to a graphic card of a computer using the S-video cable. Then insert the tape to be converted and open any video editing software on the computer. Use the software to capture the video and then burn it on a CD.
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1. Install the video capture device. If you're using an internal video capture card, turn your computer off and detach all the cables from the back. Transfer the computer to a clean
1 Find the CD you wish to copy, and a blank cassette tape. You could also use an old tape if you don't mind recording over what's already on there. Ad 2 Put the tape in your hi fi
To transfer a VHS tape to a computer you need to have a VCR and an A/V input from the VCR to the computer.Also needed is a conversion software program. Once the VCR and computer are
If the personal or homemade tape will not record the TV output image to your disk, then you do not have the proper drivers installed, or, the cables are wrong. There are a few differences
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