How to Transfer VHS Tapes to CD Free?


VHS tapes can be converted to CDs by first connecting the VCR to a graphic card of a computer using the S-video cable. Then insert the tape to be converted and open any video editing software on the computer. Use the software to capture the video and then burn it on a CD.
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1. Plug the VHS player-camera or VCR-into the analog-to-video converter using standard RCA-type phono plugs. The standard color scheme is white for left audio, red for right audio
The easiest way to transfer a VHS tape to a DVD is with a combination unit. These allow you to put a VHS tape in them and record directly to a DVD. There are other ways to transfer
1. Find the CD you wish to copy, and a blank cassette tape. You could also use an old tape if you don't mind recording over what's already on there. Ad. 2. Put the tape in your hi
To transfer a VHS tape to a computer you need to have a VCR and an A/V input from the VCR to the computer.Also needed is a conversion software program. Once the VCR and computer are
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One of the ways you can change VHS tape to a dvd is If you have a combination DVD/VHS machine, you may be able to easily transfer data from a VHS tape to a DVD ...
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