How to Transfer VHS Tapes to CD Free?


VHS tapes can be converted to CDs by first connecting the VCR to a graphic card of a computer using the S-video cable. Then insert the tape to be converted and open any video editing software on the computer. Use the software to capture the video and then burn it on a CD.
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1. Plug the VHS player-camera or VCR-into the analog-to-video converter using standard RCA-type phono plugs. The standard color scheme is white for left audio, red for right audio
1 Select a analog-to-digital adapter. Typically, these can be purchased for between $50-$100 dollars. Popular models include: Elgato Video Capture [1] Roxio Easy VHS to DVD [2] Diamond
There is DVD conversion software that can be purchased and allows for the process to be done at home. Some stores offer services regarding the conversion service as well, but this
You'll have to change the VHS to a DVD because it won't fit on a CD To convert a VHS cassette to DVD, a DVD recorder similar to the CD recorder can be purchased. This recorder also
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