How to Transplant Hydrangeas?


When transplanting a hydrangea it is very important to do so while the plant is dormant, meaning it is not currently growing. This is after the leaves have fallen off the plant but before the ground is frozen. With any plant you'll want to make sure that you transplant as much of the root ball as possible. Always put the plant into a larger whole with loose dirt around it and water adequately once.
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How to Transplant Hydrangeas
Hydrangea plants are beautiful. They are often displayed in an assortment of colors and color blends, with flowers the size of softballs. Transplanting hydrangeas is essential, as the plants grow too large for their pots.... More »
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The best time to transplant Hydrangeas is when they are in a dormant state. Dig up the plant with as much of the root ball as possible and plant in an area that is shaded in the afternoon. You can find more information at www. hydrangeashydrangeas. com/planting_fert. html
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1. Wait until late fall or winter to transplant the Annabelle hydrangea, when the blooms have faded or fallen off. 2. Insert a shovel into the ground approximately 2 feet from the
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The best time to transplant a hydrangea is when it has
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You transplant a hydrangea just like you would any other plant. First you prep the soil this is especially important if you want your hydrangea to change color ...
The best time to transplant Hydrangeas, is when the leaves have fallen off, and the plant has become dormant. You don't want to transplant them when they are in ...
You can transplant a hydrangea at almost any time as long as the plant is mature enough to survive. Because different species have different growth rates it is ...
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