How to Trap a Bobcat?


The best way to trap a bobcat is by choosing a bait that it cannot resist. This usually consists of a nice sized dead animal. Using a steel trap that falls on top of the bobcat is best.
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How to Trap a Bobcat
The bobcat is an elusive predator that is making a comeback in the United States. Unfortunately, the animal is becoming a nuisance to some farmers. As the population of bobcats increase, its territories can expand to include farms where livestock become... More »
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1. Research the regulations regarding the trapping and hunting of bobcats by contacting the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife or by going online. 2. Learn the habits if
Most of the sources I found said that a device called the Bullet trap would be
spicy meat and hotdogs work really well
We picked up a Bobcat Kitten once, it came right up to us. But, the Game Warden came up and made us turn it lose. Not sure how to make a trap. Your Game and Fish Commission may help
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There are several different traps you can use to catch a bobcat. Some are humane and others will kill the bobcat upon capture. The most important thing to be sure ...
To build a live trap for bobcats you will need to be sure to use materials that are sturdy. Build a frame out of wood and wrap it in either very heavy mesh netting ...
In order to make a homemade trap for bobcats you will need to make a cage with doors on both ends. In the center is where you will put the bait. When the bobcat ...
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