How to Trap a Smart Rat?


Trapping smart rats are difficult because they won't go for bait unless no other food is available to them. Even them they may not fall for a trap. The best way to catch them is to use a wire mesh trap with funneled openings. This way he can squeeze his body in, but not out.
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How to Trap a Smart Rat
Catching a rat is not always as simple as setting a trap with a small hunk of cheese. Rats are survivors by nature, and can be skilled at avoiding traps. Use the following, proven method to finally catch a stubborn rat, often without killing or harming... More »
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1. Let the rat win for a while. A smart rat often can beat a spring-loaded trap, stealing the bait without tripping the bar. Allow this to continue for a couple of days. If the rat
Rats are very smart. They have the ability to learn their way through mazes, and remember the path for some time after. They can also learn to respond to stimuli and some simple tricks
1 Select a type of rat trap. There are several types of traps that can be used for rats. Most traps can be purchased at hardware stores in different sizes. Use a snap trap. According
The best rat trap is a product called Rat Zapper. It works off of batteries and you do not even have to see the dead rat!
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To trap a rat is a more than just a task some times. The easiest way to capture your rat is by rat traps. If you don't want to you these types of traps then you ...
The rat has the highest intelligence in the rodent family. They can be trained to do tasks and have the ability to change with their environment. ...
To trap a rat can be a adventure all in its self. The best way to do this is with rat traps. You can also use live cage traps. These you will be able to put food ...
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