How to Treat a Bitten Tongue?


To treat a bitten tongue, brush the teeth. Use a mouthwash that kills any excess germs. Use a hydrogen peroxide and water solution in diluted form and swish it around the mouth. A medicine can be used to prevent mouth numbing, such a medicine can be Anbesol.
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Treatment for biting the tounge tip off is simple but also time consuming. Eating and drinking will be difficult. Keep it clean and brush you teeth, and use oragel. Wait itl you can
1. Keep your mouth clean in between meals. Brush your teeth and gargle with an antiseptic mouthwash such as Listerine to help to kill any excessive germs or bacteria. 2. Dilute a
1 Drink a lot of water. Always try to keep a bottle of water with you so that your tongue doesn't dry out; it's more painful when your tongue is dry. Ad 2 Try a salt water gargle
What I have learned if i do this is to put sugar on it. The sugar will clog it up and make it heal faster. Also try rinsing it with salt once in a while. Try not to eat chips or anything
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