How to Treat a Bump on the Head?


The size of the bump on the head doesn't determine how bad it is. Treat with ice for the swelling, keep the individual awake for at least an hour, and watch watch them for any out-of-the-ordinary changes for the next 24-72 hours. For more information look here: When to see the doctor;
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normally something cold is the best, such as ice in a plastic bag or frozen peas etc.
Razor bumps have become synonymous with men who have pigmented skin. It is not a disease, but in most cases they cannot be eliminated totally, or stopped from reoccurring. Razor bumps
DO NOT put ice directly on it, you should never put on ice on any injury that you get on your head unless it is wrapped in a towel of some sort so that it isn't as cold, because you
1 First, try exfoliating. What you're really dealing with is a cluster of ingrown hairs. They may look like acne, but they're not. To lessen the problem, first try exfoliating. That
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