How to Treat a Pimple That Is in Ear?


The best thing to do about a pimple in your ear is to leave it alone. If you mess with it you might end up with an infection. If it is painful then you can put a warm compress onto it.
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To treat pimples, simple scrub with some good hot soap and water, then use an astringent to keep the pimples at bay on your face or body. Use alcohol to dry the area out and apply
Ouch! I know how much this can hurt! When this happened to me I applied a hot damp cloth to the spot, this drains the pimple. Other than that I just had to wait it out unfortunately
1. Wash the affected area with the right cleanser on a daily basis. The best cleansers to get rid of pimples contain natural ingredients, such as lavender essential oil and tea tree
1 Gather all the supplies and head to your bathroom. Make sure the Fucidin is the kind that you can put on your face, If you are not sure check with your pharmacist ,read the paper
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Painful bumps inside the ear are most commonly sebaceous cysts, or pimples. Many people get these pimples, which are usually harder and more sore than 'normal' ...
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Acne is a common human skin disease which causes pimples. Some of the herbs used to treat acne are guggul, tea tree oil, burdock and vitex. For more help, consult ...
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