How to Treat a Stomach Virus?


A stomach virus needs to run its course and normally the worst of the symptoms will go away within 24-48 hours. Rest your stomach and do not drink anything until you have gone at least one hour after vomiting. Start out with small sips and work your way up to larger amounts. Do not attempt food for at least four hours and start out bland. Call your doc if symptoms worsen or are accompanied by fever.
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The stomach is a muscular J-shaped organ of the digestive tract. It temporarily stores and mixes food; it also secretes gastric juice into the lumen (the hollow inside the stomach) and a hormone called gastrin into the blood . More »
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The only way to treat a stomach virus is to let it run its course. It is best to limit your intake of foods and increase your intake of clear fluids to prevent dehydration. Get well
First of all, make sure it's a tummy bug! Gastroenteritis, a more severe stomach virus, can feel like something a lot worse. If you are in a lot of pain or if your illness is lasting
Not medical advice: Avoid consuming dairy products, deep fry snacks, and caffeine. See MD if worried.
ibupro. on empty stomach causes pain -zpac won't help either will gator ade the salt will probably make it worse. try herbal tea, low fat easy to digest stuff, white rice, cream of
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Toddler stomach virus is a very worrying issue in a toddler. To treat it you need replenishing liquid (pedialyte), wash cloth and fever reliever. You therefore ...
There is nothing really that you can do to treat a stomach virus except to let it run its course. You might want to try Pepto-Bismol to relive some of the symptoms ...
You treat a stomach virus when you are pregnant you should get lots of fluid so that you don't become dehydrated. If you can't keep fluids down you should consult ...
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