How to Treat a Swollen Hand?


When a hand becomes swollen due to injury caused by blunt force the best thing you can do to treat it is apply an ice pack. If the swelling is due to carpal tunnel or injury to the ligaments, the best treatment is heat.
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Swollen glands are often treated with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. You can take acetaminophen for the pain or fever, but do not take aspirin.You can find more information here
1. Use an over-the-counter antihistamine to treat swollen eyelids caused by allergies. When allergies are responsible for eyelid swelling, eyelids will typically be red and itchy.
Removing the stinger as quickly as possible reduces the amount of the venom injected and reduces the effects. Contrary to what is often taught, it has been recently proven that it
1. Rest the knee and do as little walking as possible. 2. Use crutches if it hurts to straighten the leg. 3. Ice directly on the skin on the area of the swollen part of your knee
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