How to Treat a Swollen Hand?


When a hand becomes swollen due to injury caused by blunt force the best thing you can do to treat it is apply an ice pack. If the swelling is due to carpal tunnel or injury to the ligaments, the best treatment is heat.
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1. Reduce swelling by elevating your leg above the level of your heart. This can be done with a reclining chair foot rest or a pillow beneath the legs when sleeping. This process
1 Rest the knee and do as little walking as possible. Ad 2 Use crutches if it hurts to straighten the leg. 3 Ice directly on the skin on the area of the swollen part of your knee
Put ice on it and consult a doctor to get x-rays. You have to make sure nothing is wrong.
First you need to find and treat the root cause of the swelling. Swelling of the gums
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