How to Treat a Viral Infection?


Treat a viral infection by drinking plenty of vitamin C. Be sure to get plenty of rest. You can try taking some herbs like echinacea to help fight off the infection.
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A virus is an infectious agent, often highly host-specific, consisting of genetic material surrounded by a protein coat. More »
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Drink Plentty of water and have rest for a day or two.
Viral infections causes symptoms in malaise, chills and a fever. Viral infections cannot be cured by antibiotics like other infections can be cured by antibiotics. It can cause sinus
Therapy is intended to treat symptoms while the body's own immune defenses work
Throat infections affect all people, regardless of their age and gender. They can be caused by bacteria or by virus. Symptoms and course of illness are similar for both causers, but
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Viral infection treatment varies depending on the specific virus and some other factors. General treatments are aimed at relieving the symptoms so that you can ...
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If you had searched a little more, you would have noticed that the Coxsakie virus is an infection more common to small children. You may be right that your sore ...
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