How to Treat Burns from Nair?


Burns from hair removal products should be treated as a chemical burn. Rinse the area with cool, clean water, and apply antibiotic ointment to the affected area.
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To treat a minor burn, you will need to get some burn ointment. You can purchase this at your local pharmacy. It is also in most first aid kits. Simply apply this ointment to the
It's advisable to learn how to treat a chemical burn before you are actually in the position of dealing with the situation, since a chemical burn responds best to immediate treatment
1. Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap. 2. Sterilize your scissors by soaking the blades in rubbing alcohol for 5 minutes. 3. Snip away any dead skin covering or surrounding
Nair have changed the formula of their products too so that could have been the cause also. Just use Savlon or E45 or something like that.
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How to Treat a Burn From Nair
Nair uses chemicals to destroy the proteins in hair, essentially dissolving hair right off the body. However, some people find out too late that they are too sensitive to these chemicals. They develop Nair burns that are painful, red, and even swollen.... More »
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Nair is a great hair removal product for dissolving hair below the root. Beauty can equal pain at times as Nair can affect sensitive skin. The best way to treat burns from Nair is to apply cold compresses of ice on the affected area. This will prevent further swelling.
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