How to Treat Cat Dandruff?


The thing with cat dandruff is, it may not be dandruff after all. There are many things that can cause itchy flaky skin on animals and fleas, termites and other bugs can be the cause. You can treat the cat by giving him or her a bath with baby shampoo and then filling the tub with oatmeal. This helps moisturize the skin to promote a healthy coat. If the flakes are still around, go to the vet! For more information look here:;
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Schedule an appointment with the veterinarian to rule out medical causes. Cat dandruff can be caused by a variety of medical conditions such as feline diabetes, infection, parasites
There are many dandruff shampoos available. Many of these are medicated and also have somewhat of a medicated smell to them. If you want to rid yourself of the smell you can use a
By buying a shampoo for cats that is anti-dandruff.
How to Treat Cat Dandruff - A how to lesson on How To Treat Cat Dandruff that will improve your cat care skills. Learn how to get good at cat care from Videojug's hand-picked professional
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Cat dandruff is caused by many different things. It could be caused from poor diet or poor grooming. Most of the time, cats have dandruff because they have dry ...
Tea tree oil is an effective natural treatment for dandruff. You can also rinse your hair and scalp with vinegar to treat dandruff. Spending time in the sun is ...
A number of different products are available that are effective in treating dandruff . This include medicated shampoos which contain specific anti-infective and ...
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