How to Treat Damp?


To treat damp, you first need to establish the cause. This will enable you to distinguish whether it is rising damp or penetrating damp. You will need a qualified surveyor to do a thorough inspection and then get recommendations on how to treat it. One of the renown surveyors who also treat the damp are Rentokil. Their website is:
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1. Put on eye goggles and rubber gloves to protect yourself from mold exposure. 2. Search for the source of moisture. If mold growth is concentrated in one area, you likely have a
In most cases it is lack of ventilation that causes damp but this sounds like it could be something to do with finding the cause, The damp is where the back wall & side wall join
To treat it you have to understand what is causing it. There is always an identifiable cause. The damp you see is transmitted damp. There are about four possible causes. 1) missing
Hi Macaulay, Basically you need to keep the excavations dry by having sumps with pumps all around, and then design/build the raft and the basements as water-tight by means of external
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To treat dampness, you need to find out what causes the dampness. Find out whether there is any pipe leakage, if there is, repair it immediately. Find out whether ...
To treat damp on interior walls, you can use a dehumidifier. This machine will help in trapping moisture from the damp areas in the wall. You also need to keep ...
In order to treat damp you have to put a physical barrier to curtail the moisture from seeping in. You should also use a damp proof course (DPC) at the base of ...
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