How to Treat Deer Fly Bites?


I always called deer flies horse flies. I'd get bitten while riding on a horse. Kill the fly first. Use warm water to wash where it bite you at and you can pour some alcohol or peroxide on the bite.
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I moisten baking soda and place on the bite. Benedryl or an allergy pill helps keep swelling down. Ice also does wonders with the swelling,pain and itching.
1. Wear light colored clothing. Deer flies are attracted to dark colors that are moving. Wearing dark colors on warm sunny days draws the deer flies to you. 2. Protect your head with
Hi, My sympathies on having suffered an attack of deer flies. They have a tendency to chase after people who are walking or running, and usual bite on the back including the back
Deer Fly's are parasites of elk, deer and other bovine animals, sucking blood and
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First move away from the area that you were bitten at to treat deer fly bites. Wash the infected area with some warm soapy water. Ice will reduce the pain and swelling, so apply if necessary. Then rub a hydrocortisone cream on it.
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