How to Treat Hiccups in Infants?


It is very normal for infants to get hiccups several times a day. Most doctors agree there is no need to treat them. Hiccups do not bother infants in the same way they bother older children and adults.
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How to Treat Hiccups in Infants
Hiccups, the spasm of the diaphragm, can occur in any age group, whether infant, child or adult. The diaphragm muscle helps control breathing. When a spasm occurs, usually due to some gastrointestinal issue like indigestion or drinking too quickly, the... More »
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1. Burp your baby frequently as he eats. This may help prevent hiccups from developing after feeding, as it releases air that the baby may have gulped. Hold the baby against your
1. Note when the infant suffers from hiccups. Keeping track of when the baby experiences hiccups can help you determine if there is a common pattern and help you focus your efforts
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Infants get hiccups for the same reason as adults do. They are caused by sudden
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Infant hiccups can happen quite often. They are usually nothing to worry about and can last from a few minutes up to about an hour. Infant hiccups normally occur ...
Chemotherapy, a regimen of powerful drugs used to treat cancer, can cause a variety of side effects, from nausea and vomiting to hair loss. Hiccups are another ...
1. Swallow a spoonful of table sugar. This remedy was popular in the mid-20th century and was often used to treat hiccups in children. It is not known why the ...
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