How to Treat Leg Edema?


Leg Edema can be described as a disorder that occurs after fluids have accumulated in various tissues thus overwhelming the kidneys causing the legs to swell. Leg Edema is usually very difficult to treat. However, medical experts have suggested exercising as a major treatment procedure. There are various forms of drugs that are used to treat patients of this disease but are only available after prescription by a qualified doctor. Another tip on how to manage this disease is by avoiding excessive sodium during meals.
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1. Elevate the legs. The Mayo Clinic recommends several lifestyle changes to treat edema, including elevating swollen legs above the level of the heart for 30 minutes a time at least
Leg cramps can be treated by rubbing the cramps out and placing heating pads to the muscle. The best treatment is prevention, though. Drinking lots of water, eating a well balanced
Lower leg edema is swelling via distribution of water. Edema can be caused by trauma that releases proteins into neighboring extracellular space, thereby recruiting water from the….
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Edema is a condition which involves swelling due to excessive accumulation of fluids in cells, tissues and serous cavities. This normally happens in legs and feet ...
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