How to Treat Old Gasoline?


To treat old gasoline you will need PRI-G treatment. It is extremely concentrated. You will want to treat the fuel with a 1 to 2000 ratio. See link for details.
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Treating old gasoline,at times, can be pretty difficult. You must first determine how old the gasoline is or even if the old gasoline is worth saving. For more information look here: Treating old gasoline ;
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1. Move to fresh air immediately. According to the New York Times, people exposed to gasoline vapors should be moved away from vapors right away to prevent further complications from
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The first thing one should do is to move to a place with fresh air. Call poison
Gasoline in not corrosive unless it is contaminated. You would need to know the contaminate to answer this question. Water, sulfur, hydrogen sulfide are some potential bad actors.
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