How to Treat Scrapes?


You can treat scrapes by washing the wound with clean water and soap to remove dirt from the wound and blood if there is any, use any antiseptics to disinfect the wound and bandage the wound to prevent further infection.
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First Aid: Cuts and scrapes
Minor cuts and scrapes usually don't require a trip to the emergency room. Yet proper care is essential to avoid infection... More »
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No one wants to have to treat scrapes, but if you learn how to care for them efficiently, you'll cut down on mess and pain. Wash the Scrape Immediately Scrapes can be tough to wash
1. Wash the wound gently under running water. Your aim is to rinse out any debris and to dilute the bacteria in the wound, says Do this as soon as possible after
1 Try to rinse the cut with water, if you have access to it. This will remove pieces of foreign material and dirt. Ad 2 Rub the cut with a quality hand sanitizer or alcohol swab.
With a damp cotton bud, carefully dab the wound trying to get as much dirt out as possible and then put a plaster on it.
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To treat an infected scrape or abrasion with sugar, you need to make sure that the wound is clean first. Wash it with soap and water; and pat it dry. After that, ...
In order to treat cuts and scrapes, you'll want to first want to clean the scrape or cut under warm water. From there, you'll want to apply antibiotic ointment ...
Cuts and scrapes are broken parts on the outside of the skin originating from small injuries. You can treat cuts and scrapes by following these steps; in case ...
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