How to Treat Severe Constipation?


To treat severe constipation drink plenty of water. Drink hot water or tea. Eat more whole grain or fiber to help eliminate the severe constipation.
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Constipation Treatment And Prevention
Changing your diet and increasing your physical activity level are the easiest and fastest ways to treat and prevent constipation. Try the following techniques as well: every day, drink 1.5 to 2 quarts of fluids, such as water or. . . More »
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1. Drink water. The usual cause of constipation is dehydration. The single greatest task of the large intestine is to remove water from advancing waste material. If too much water
In most cases constipation can be treated with changes in your diet and lifestyle. It's not very often that you would need medical treatment. If the changes in your diet and lifestyle
Constipation can be remedied by either eating roughage or prunes. If you don't fancy either of these then you can try taking constipation tablets. Be very careful that you one take
Prunes eat prunes and drink prune juice. and look upothernatural laxatives.
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Sever Constipation is the term used to describe extreme difficulty passing stools. it is commonly caused by the lack of roughage in the body. Constipation is a ...
Constipation is defined as bowel movements that are too hard to pass. Severe constipation can be the result of a blockage in the intestines, and a doctor should ...
The best way to win the battle with constipation is to eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and fiber. If you still experience difficulties, you should speak ...
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