How to Treat UTI in Cats?


UTL means urinary tract infection caused by bladder bacterial infection. The symptoms in cat are; x crying while urinating, the urine has some blood and making frequent visit to the litter box. Take the cat to veterinarian to advice on which antibiotics to should get for the cat. Use a clean moist towel to clean the bottom to prevent bacteria having a way back into the system and feed the bat with natural food.
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1. If the cat has blood in his urine that has a foul odor, cries while urinating and makes frequent visits to the litter box, take him to a veterinarian as soon as possible. The vet
A UTI is a urinary tract infection. These are often treated with antibiotics. Also, drinking lots of fluids, such as water and cranberry juice, will help. For more information look
You take it to the vet and important tests are run to indeed confirm/ disprove there is an infection.
go to the vet they will be able to properly diagnose it and give you the proper antibiotic and tell you exactly how to admister it, how much, how often.
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How to Treat UTI in Cats
Urinary tract infections (UTI), in cats is caused by bacteria in the bladder that spreads upward into the body. Recognizing the signs of the infection early on will make it easier to treat and prevent your cat from suffering unnecessarily.... More »
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