How to Trim a Pyracantha Bush?


To trim a pyracantha bush, start by cutting any dead off to their points of origin. Cut off diseased branches. Remove clusters from the diseased branches and bag them. Shape the pyracantha as desired. Avoid cutting off too much of the old wood. Take the cut branches back to either another branch or to the main stem, but bag the diseased branches. Rake up all pruning debris. After pruning, water the pyracantha bush to a depth of 10 inches.
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1. Look through the pyracantha bush for any branches that are broken or dead and cut them off to their points of origin. 2. Cut off diseased branches. Pyracantha scab, a fungal disease
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How to Trim a Pyracantha Bush
Pyracantha is the name of a genus that includes shrubs that are commonly known as firethorn. Pyracantha is a large shrub, growing to 10 feet in height with a 12-foot spread. A low-maintenance shrub, pyracantha requires little water and no fertilizer.... More »
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