How do I troubleshoot a Ford Taurus heater?


Troubleshooting a Ford Taurus heater involves replacing the fuse if the blower will not function when the fan is turned on. Check the fuse for a broken wire, disengage the battery and replace the fuse with precisely the same colour and amperage, and turn the thermostat to the maximum position. You can then bypass the regular temperature control system by switching off 'Auto' and amplifying the temperature control and fan physically. When the temperature has become steady, you can return to the 'Auto' mode. Most Ford Taurus heater problems are caused by fuse failure.
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1. Check the radiator to see if it contains sufficient coolant. Wait until the vehicle has cooled before opening the radiator cap. Fill the radiator as necessary. 2. Check the fuse
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There is a built in block heater, cord sticks out under body almost in front of driver.
1. Check that the Dayton space heater is connected to a power source and turned on if it's not emitting heat. The device's power switch is typically located on the appliance's front
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How to Troubleshoot a Ford Taurus Heater
The middle of winter is no time for the heater in your Ford Taurus to go on the blink. Before taking your vehicle in to your local Ford dealer for what could be an expensive visit, there are a few, basic troubleshooting steps you can run through on your... More »
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