How to Tune a Beko TV?


To tune a beko TV hold the MENU key down to access the TV Tuning menu. Once activated, the VOLUME +/-, PROGRAM +/- and STANDBY buttons are used.
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To tune a Beko TV, you need to press and hold the MENU key. This will bring up the tuning menu and then you can use the up and down buttons to search. There may also be an option to auto tune from after pressing the MENU button.
Tuning a beko television is easy, and takes a few minutes. Here is what you have to do: First, press the “MENU” button for 3 seconds. Second,. once the menu shows up, use the VOLUME +/-, PROGRAM +/- and STANDBY buttons to find the 'factory reset', 'first time installation', 'shipping conditions', or 'default settings' option to re-tune all the channels. For tuning instructions on how to tune your specific beko television, check the owner's manual.
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