How to Tune a Sony Trinitron?


To tune an original Sony Trinitron, you will need to press and hold the button which shows an incomplete diamond with an arrow going into it. Then press the button with an arrow on it and keep holding it while you use the left and right arrows, or the up and down keys, to search for channels. The press the first two buttons again to store the information.
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1. Pull out on the power button at the bottom of the Sony Trinitron to turn on the TV. Wait a moment or two for the TV to warm up. 2. Spin the bottom dial to access the stations 2
Press button [6] to enter tuning mode.Press either [2] or [4] to tune upwards or downwards.or Press button [3] and then enter a two digit RF frequency no (if you know the RF no from
It depends on size and age. Trinitron was a whole line of TVs built from the late 70s to the end of CRT.
Well this is a job best left to a tv repair shop. Removing the old tube should not be a hard job except I would caution you not to lift the tube by it's neck and you should wear safety
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How to Tune a Sony Trinitron
Although the Sony Trinitron television is no longer produced you can still find some sets in homes around the country. The Sony Trinitron TV originated as a dial-based television and although the older television sets required you to adjust the station... More »
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Tuning a Sony Trinitron television is easy. It only takes a few minutes. Here is what you have to do: First, Press the 'Analog/Digital' button. Second, Enter the number of the channel , and press the “ENT” button e.g. press these buttons “3” “4” “.” “2” to watch channel '34.2'. For tuning instructions on how to tune your specific Sony Trinitron television, check the owner's manual.
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