How to Tune up a Toyota Corolla?


Tuning up your Toyota Corolla simply means replacing essential parts like spark plugs, brake pads, distributors and others. Tune ups should be done after every 30,000 miles logged on your odometer.
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1. Remove the spark plugs and wires from the boxes. If the spark plugs have a ring, slide the ring over the threads. Lay the wires out in the order that you will use them. Each wire
Very little is needed. Copper Spark plugs (4) PCV valve, distributor cap and wires, fuel filter, air filter and that is about it. Less than $100 if you do it yourself. Wires may not
1. Park your 1996 Corolla 25 feet away from a wall, such as a closed garage door. 2. Turn on your headlights and prop open your hood. 3. Locate the adjustment pins on the top and
1. Shut off your Corolla and allow it to rest for at least an hour after driving. Even a small amount of driving causes enough tire friction to heat the tires and air. This alters
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How to Tune Up a Toyota Corolla
A basic rule of thumb for car owners is to have the oil changed every 3,000 miles and have a tune-up every 30,000 miles. Tuning up a Toyota Corolla is a relatively inexpensive maintenance procedure that will save you considerable money if you do it... More »
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