How to Turn a Latch Hooking into a Pillow?


To turn a latch hooking project into a pillow, you will first purchase the pillow in a size that is good for your latch hooking. You can then sew the latch hooking onto the pillow or you can attach the latch hooking with shirttail hems. This method allows you to create a prettier pillow.
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1. Cut off any excess canvas from the borders of the latch hook project, leaving only three empty rows of canvas. 2. Measure the length and width of the latch hook canvas and add
After you have make the latch hook piece, bind the edges and then make a back like this one that opens for removing the pillow form when you want to clean the latch hoop top - http:
There is a program I use to create a latchhook pattern from any photo, picture, etc. The simpler the picture, the better rug it will create, alternativiely as you increase the size
Draw your design on the latch hook canvas. It may help to mark where you want to use various colors by using permanent markers directly on the canvas. Many latch hook kits are also
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A latch hook pillow is easy to make. A special latch hook tool is used to wrap a single thread or strand of yarn around a bar of a piece of plastic canvas. The ...
1. Hold hook in your dominant hand. Notice that is has two specific features, the hook and a latch which is built into the tool. 2. Wrap a piece of yarn around ...
First, you gather all your hair into a ponytail. Pull a dread from the base of your neck. Then, twist the hair at the end of the dread and threat the latch hook. ...
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