How to Turn a Number into a Percent?


If you want to turn any number into a percent then all you have to do is set it up as a ratio of that number over one hundred. This basically means that you are dividing any number by one hundred.
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To find the percent of a number, you need to know what percentage you are looking for. Say you want to know how to leave a 20% tip on a meal that costs $5.00. Then take 5 and multiply
Put it over 100!
1. Divide the top number in the ratio by the bottom. For example, if the ratio is 5/3 then divide 5 by 3 and get 1.6667. 2. Multiply the result by 100. In the example, 1.6667*100
Take off the % sign and replace it with /100. So in your case, 10% is 10/100 or 0.1. Going backwards, multiply the number by 100 and place a % sign after it. So, 0.1 x100 = 10%
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To find a percent or turn a number into a percent, you will have to know what that number is compared to a larger number. So, if you wanted to turn 10 into a ...
you take what you got out of the test. for example, 37 out of 46. you divide 37 by 46 which is 0.82222222222222. then you multiply that by 100 which is 82.2222 ...
To turn a fraction into a percent, first divide the bottom number of the fraction into the top number. Take the number you get and multiply it by 100. The answer ...
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