How to Turn a PS2 Memory Card Into a USB.?


1. Plug the PlayStation 2 memory card into a USB adapter. The adapter has a rectangular port connected to a USB cable. Although this device is not often found in stores, there are many locations on the Web that sell the product. 2. Plug the USB cable
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How to Turn a PS2 Memory Card Into a USB
The Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) uses a memory card as its primary storage device. Although the memory card is made to function just with a PlayStation 2, it is possible to connect the device to a computer and use it as a USB flash drive. Although the flash... More »
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If data on your PS2 memory card has become corrupted, the data is lost. To use the space for new files, select the memory card from the browser menu and delete the information manually
It. saves things so u don't have to do again u can just continue where u where.
You can't. The usb ports on a PS2 are for accessories only. Like a mic for socom, the eye toy, and etc. In order to save games you are going to need to buy a PS2 memory card. I suggest
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In order to use a USB Flash Drive as a memory card for the PS2, you need to correctly format the drive for usage and then partition it for use with the PS2. There ...
It is not possible to turn a 7GB USB drive as memory card for PS2. PS2's memory addressing and configuration settings are different. You need to use dedicated ...
1. Turn the flash memory card so that the label is facing upward. 2. Slide the flash memory card into the USB flash adapter. 3. Connect the USB Flash adapter's ...
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