How to Turn down an Applicant?


Asses the advantages and disadvantages of rejecting applicants both by phone and by letter and decide what option to use. Plan your wording carefully and use positive wording to minimize the sting of the rejection. For example, begin by thanking the applicant for his application and you can let them know that their resume will be retained for further option. Do not be too detailed and stick to generalities based upon the applicant's qualifications. Avoid getting drawn into an argument or protracted discussion with the applicant about the reasons for the rejection.
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1. Wait for the first-choice applicant to accept the offer before you notify the unsuccessful candidates. This avoids the awkward situation of contacting an applicant you previously
A turn down service is an extra luxury many hotels offer to their guests. When a room is "turned down" a staff member will usually turn down the lights, pull back your sheets
1 Decline gracefully. Sometimes a polite word will do the trick, and there's no need to go into detail. Ad 2 Decline, and offer a polite excuse. "No, thank you. I'm not drinking
The greatest fear of an applicant is being rejected. On the other hand, the greatest fear of an interviewer is turning down an applicant, whom, she knows tried so hard to pass the
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To turn down an applicant for employment, start by showing gratitude to the individual for his or her interest to your company. Next, point out his or her strong ...
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