How to Turn off Main Water Valve?


To shut off the main water valve, turn the handle or crank to the right as far as it will go. This will close the valve and prevent water from entering the system. The main water valve is often located in the basement of a building.
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How to Turn Off the Main Water Valve
Just like knowing how to shut off your gas main, it's also good homeowner common sense to know how to turn off your main water valve. This comes in handy when working on plumbing issues, or if you need to shut off your home utilities for an extended... More »
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1. Walk around the home or building's perimeter to find the main water valve. Look for a straight, ball-valve handle; a round, gate-valve handle; or a round, clock-like water meter.
Turn the valve so that the flat part goes across the direction of the water flow through the pipe.
1 Spray the main valve, top and bottom, with liquid wrench, this is available from most hardware, Home Depots, or automotive part stores. Ad
clockwise to close (righty tighty) hemisphere does not matter - not dealing with Coriolis effect here! If it is a lever type valve then across the pipe is off. Source(s) BTDT.
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You can shut down the water supply in your house by turning off the main valve that controls the water flow. This shutoff valve is usually located outside your ...
1. Turn off the main water valve in your house. Turn on a faucet on a lower level of the house than the shower, if possible, to release any pressure left in the pipes. 2. Take off the shower's water control handle by removing the screw either from th ...
1. Turn off the main water valve to your home. 2. Remove the shut-off valve from the wall behind the toilet using a wrench. The valve will thread right off of ...
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