How to turn off the maint. required light after oil change on a 2007 toyota tacoma?


It is really easy to get your maintenance required light turned back off after an oil change in your 2007 Toyota Tacoma. Turn your key up just one notch, hold down the trip meter and turn the key to the second notch at the same time. Keep the button down until the light goes off.
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2007 Toyota Yaris Review
Of the trio of similar new 2007 hatchbacks, reviews almost unanimously rank the Toyota Yaris behind the Honda Fit (*est. $13,850... Read More »
Est. Price: $11050
Among its two closest competitors, the Honda Fit and Nissan Versa, the Toyota Yaris has the least expensive base price and the best fuel economy of the three. Predicted long-term reliability is very good, so future trade-in and resale value should also be good. Most comments about its handling and performance are good -- just not as good as for the sportier Honda Fit.
Several reviews comment on sub-par materials and fit/finish of the interior. The instrument display of the Toyota Yaris is situated in the middle of the dashboard rather than in front of the driver, and some testers find this distracting and uncomfortable. Cabin noise is also an issue in some reviews. Although the Toyota Yaris is inexpensive, power windows and locks, front side airbags and side-curtain airbags are added-cost options. EPA fuel economy estimate: 34 mpg/city, 40 mpg/highway
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The "Maint" light is a handy little thing, reminding you that it's been 45 hundred miles since your last oil change by flashing for several seconds after you start the car
1. Insert key. key image by Fantasista from Insert the key into the ignition and turn to the ACC point, this is the first notch you come to. The engine will not turn
turn ignition key to "acc" position so odometer shows, press and hold trip meter reset button and turn ignition on (dont start engine) after approx 5 seconds trip meter
That is a friendly "get the oil changed light" and a reminder that a 25K service is due. To get rid of the light, push down the "A" trip reset button, turn the
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Tot urn off the maintenance light on your Toyota Corolla after giving it an oil change, do this: turn the key to ACC, or accessory. Set your odometer on mileage ...
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