How to Turn off Voicemail?


Turning off your voicemail is pretty easy. Start by calling your voicemail. At the menu, press 3 for personal options. If you want to change the greeting, press 2 for greeting and 1 to change it. To disable or enable your voicemail, press 3.
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1. Call your cell phone provider's customer care hotline. Depending on your handset on carrier, you may be able to hit a "Customer Care" button, then "Talk. For many
As by all lycamobile arround the world you call costumers service and ask them to turn it off, then start your mobile up again and its gone from your phone. Succes.
By default, your windows firewall is automatically set to on. If you want to turn off your firewall with the Windows XP operating system you should left click on the start button
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How to Turn a Voicemail Off
One of the greatest conveniences of owning a cell phone is that you can make and receive calls from almost anywhere. Additionally, if you happen to miss a call when you're out and about, the person whose call you missed can leave you a voicemail message.... More »
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