How to Type Exponents in a Word Document?


To type the exponent number in a Word document, go to 'Format', click on 'Font', and then go down and click on 'Superscript' in the Effects area. Now it is ready for the exponent to be typed in. When you are done, go back and uncheck the 'Superscript' box, or it will continue to express what you type as an exponent.
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1. Open Microsoft Word and open a new document. 2. Type a number and the number you would like to appear as an exponent. For example, if you want to write 7 squared, type 72. 3. Highlight
Converting a word document into a PDF is relatively simple and quick. This can usually be done right in the 'save as' menu. There is usually an option to save as a PDF.
You format text as "superscript" Details vary in different versions of Word; the key combination Ctrl-Shift-Plus should work. Otherwise, look in the Format - Character options
1. Type the text you want to turn into hypertext in the Word document, if you have not already done so. 2. Click your cursor at the beginning of the text and drag it to the end to
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How to Type Exponents in a Word Document
Often times, we need to write mathematical formulas and numbers, including exponents, in a Microsoft Word document. It can get cumbersome to copy and paste these types of fonts into the document. Instead, learn how to actually type exponents using... More »
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Typing exponents in a word document can be easy, especially when using Microsoft Word. Type the letter normally then you want to highlight the number that is to be used as the exponent. Open the font window and check the 'superscript' effect. Then click on ok. The other option would be to use the '^' symbol between the numbers. For more information see here: ;
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