How to Type Roman Numerals on Keyboard?


It is easy to type Roman numerals on a standard keyboard. Simply type the capital forms of the desired letters to make the numbers by pressing shift + the letter or enabling caps lock. The usable letters are I (one), V (five), X (ten), L (fifty), C (one hundred), and M (one thousand). There is no Roman numeral for zero. Examples of typed Roman numerals include IX (9), MMXIII (2013), XLVI (46), and CVIII (108).
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VII, which is the capital v followed the capital i, twice.
Capital letters I, V, X, L, C, D & M on your keyboard represent
You can type Roman Numerals on computer, particularly on Word document by simply using their letter correspondent like "V" for 5 or "IX" for 9!
You don't need to click anything. Just do it like this I, II, III, IV, V, VII with the I's and V's and X's for ten. It's what I do, I don't think there's another way (that I've heard
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To type roman numerals, select the caps lock button on the left side of your keyboard. Next just type in the roman numerals as capital letters, for example, DLIX ...
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