How to Unblock a Private Number?


To unblock a private number on your phone, dial *82 before the number. To block your number, dial *67 before your number.
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1. Subscribe to a service, such as TrapCall. These services allow subscribers to see who is calling them, despite a blocked number. 2. Reject blocked calls to your voicemail. Calls
Sorry, I couldn't find that there is an easy or free way to unblock private numbers,
To unblock private numbers on your cell phone, follow the video tutorial here. . By following the video you will be able to unblock
GO to your phone settings or try *82.
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How to Unblock a Private Number
Many reasons exist for why someone may block his phone number from appearing on a caller ID. A number may be blocked because the caller is making a prank call and wants to protect his identity. The caller may want to protect his identity due to a divorce... More »
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