How to unblock blocked sites?


Unless you know the administrators user name and password you will not be able to unblock websites. They were put on the blacklist for the reason of security as blocked sites often are responsible for viruses and other damaging bugs that could get hold of personal information. Try the public library or ask a friend if you can use their internet to access those sites.
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You want to go to internet options and select privacy. There you should see a section for pop up blocker and the sites that block. Go to settings and unblock the site you need.
1. Launch your Internet Explorer browser and select the "Tools" option, which is displayed on the upper right corner of the browser's window. 2. Click on the "Internet
Various websites will be blocked from you seeing them. Perhaps your family members have put a filtering software on your machine. Other times, your employer or even the government
Why are sites blocked? Certain countries (China, Saudi Arabia, and more) block anything to do with popular culture, sexual issues, women's resources, or politics. In addition, both
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How to Block & Unblock Sites
Knowing how to block and unblock sites in your operating system can come in very handy, mostly if you have children you want to protect from accessing inappropriate content. Regardless of the reason why you would like to block and unblock sites, being... More »
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Unblocking blocked websites will depend on how they are being blocked. If they are blocked by a firewall the websites can be placed in allowed websites or they can be blocked. If they are blocked from a public computer then these cannot be unblocked without administrator approval.
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The best way to unblock blocked sites is to use a proxy site such as Kproxy. Another way to unblock a site that’s blocked is to use a VPN such as Pure ...
To unblock blocked URLs, one must first take into consideration of the place of the computer on which the URL is blocked. Places such as schools, businesses and ...
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