How to Unclog Vacuum Hose?


There is a simple way to unclog a vacuum hose, and it starts with turning the vacuum off. Once it is off, get a long stick that can push out the clog in the hose. If it is still stuck after using these methods, then call a local repair shop.
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1. Unplug the vacuum. The first step when dealing with any electronic equipment is to unplug the device. It is basic, but it can be a life saver. Ensure that it is unplugged before
Get the broom handle and try that.It is long and will so to the end.
1 Check each hose for bulges and swelling. If a hose feels soft or spongy when you touch it, this can indicate damage caused by your car's oil. A swollen hose that is cracked and
the hose that fits on the air filter on my 88 dodge dynasty was taken loose from the motor, I know it fits on to the manifold but I can't find where it hook up. help.
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How to Unclog a Vacuum Hose
Life is easier with home appliances and tools. When they need maintenance, or small repairs, they can become a drain on our time. Vacuums help us clean carpets quickly and easily, but when you have to unclog a vacuum hose the time saved can be minimal.... More »
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