How to Understand Knitting Patterns?


Knitting patterns are written in abbreviations which are also sometimes written in code and parenthesis. Some of this parenthesis include * which means to repeat, k3 would mean knit three lines and so on. To understand about knitting patterns you can attend knitting classes where students are taught how to read patterns or through community education programs
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1. Cast on two stitches and, beginning with the wrong side, complete three rows of stockinette stitch. 2. Continue in stockinette, increasing one stitch (using a make one increase
1 Know what you want to design. Is it a glove? A hat? Does it have cables? Is it ribbed? Ad 2 Get the right yarns appropriate to the needle size, too. 3 Try to make your designs original
Visit a local yarn shop and ask for instructions. Often these are free.
you're gonna have to be WAY more specific than that. until then, check out Stitch 'n' Bi*** Nation. Half the book's just about modifying existing patterns to fit your style, which
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