How to Unjam a Seatbelt?


To unjam a seatbelt inspect the track and the cable. Snap the molding off that covers the track running above the door. Ensure that it is not stuck.
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How to Unjam a Seatbelt
Seat belt jams are largely caused by sticky residue that builds up over time inside the belt buckle mechanism. Applying a small amount of lubrication is usually all that's needed to unjam a jammed seat belt. Keeping the belt buckle clean and the metal... More »
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In most cases a seat belt becomes jammed because of a sticky buildup. The easiest thing to do is take some wd40 and spray it into the opening of the buckle, avoid getting it anywhere else, it will stain. After letting it sit for a few minutes, try it out. it should work smoothly.
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1. Spray a small amount of WD-40 or generic lubricant into the opening of the seat belt buckle. Avoid spraying on the seat belt or other interior parts of the car, as the oil will
HI, I assume youre writing about the automatic seatbelt. This is a motor, track and cable assembly. The motor is located behind the door pillar, near the floor on the latching side
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To fix a jammed seat belt, you must first unbuckle it. Then try giving it a tug to unjam it. If this doesn't work, you can remove it from the side of the vehicle ...
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