How do you unlock a Brinks combination lock?


To unlock a Brinks combination lock, you need to know the combination. Enter the combination by turning the dials to the corresponding number. Once you have the correct number showing on the dial, gently pull down on the lock. Here's a detailed site with pictures to show you how to unlock your Brinks combination lock:
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1. Enter the current combination on your Brink's safe and open the door. 2. Look for a button on the back of the door. In most cases, this button is small and red. Press the button
hold reset and type the newcode!
418392 is a model number of a Brinks lock.
There is no know legal method to pick combination locks since they are combination locks which work on a series of tumblers locked in place by the number pad. If you have forgotten
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To unlock a Brink's combination lock you have three options. The first is to cut it with bolt cutters. The second is to call a locksmith. The third option is to use the combination.
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