How to Unlock a Dell Laptop?


You can unlock a Dell laptop by going to the safe mode and locating the user account settings. For further information, you can visit:
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Instructions. Restart your computer and, as the computer starts up again, press the "F8" mode to enter the start-up options part of your computer system. Select "Safe
it back to the store you purchased it from and they will fix it and if they don't sell it on-line get the money that you got from selling your computer and buy a new one or do something
Boot your computer into Safe Mode by hitting F8 just after the Dell Logo, log in as the Administrator, and clear the password on your account. Then, restart the computer and log in.
If you hold the power button in for 4 seconds, it *will* turn off. Then, turn it on, and try again.
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How to Unlock a Dell Laptop
If you forget your user password and find yourself locked out of your own machine, it could mean you lose access to all your work on your system. Entering the start-up menu can be the first step in accessing your locked machine. The resolution of this... More »
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