How to Unlock a Door with a Bobby Pin?


To unlock a door with a Bobby Pin, the pin is to be bent at a 90-degree angle. A tension wrench is inserted into lock. The wrench is turned in each direction to find the right one. The pin is inserted into the upper hole. Low pressure is applied. Add pins and increase pressure. The wrench is turned fully, and the lock is opened.
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To pick a lock with a bobby pin, you will also need a small screwrdriver.
1. Choose a set of bobby pins that fit the style you are going for. There are many things to consider, including your hair type, hair color and thickness. They make bobby pins to
It is very hard to unlock a door without a key. The best thing to do is call a locksmith. After verifying your identity a locksmith can usually unlock your door within minutes.
1. First stick the bobby pin on the door lock. 2.Then twist the bobby pin.
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How to Unlock a Door With a Bobby Pin
Getting locked out of your home is a frustrating experience. Calling a locksmith will get you into your house, but it can also be very expensive. If, however, you make a habit of carrying a tension wrench, a small item which can fit in most small bags or... More »
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