How do I unlock a Sprint cell phone?


Scroll down to the settings option and click on more, this takes you to the restrict and lock options. Enter the last four digits of your phone number, as this is usually the code in question. After gaining access, you have the option to restrict or unrestrict various applications on your phone. Check this site out for more details on unlocking your Sprint Cell Phone.
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1. Open the Samsung page at My Unlock Code, Unlocking, Mobile Unlocked or GSM Liberty. See Resources for the links. All four are pay sites. For My Unlock Code, you'll have to search
Before you learn how to unlock a cell phone, you should understand a little about cell phone technology and what a locked cell phone is. Once you are familiar with how it all works
1. Press the softkey on the left-hand side of the handset one time. 2. Press the softkey on the left-hand side of your handset and the round directional key at the same time. This
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How to Use an Unlocked Cell Phone With Sprint
In America, almost all cell phones come locked. This means that the phone can only be used with the provider that sold you the phone in the first place. By going to a third party, you can purchase an unlocked phone. In most cases, an unlocked phone will... More »
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Unlocking a sprint cell phone is easy and takes less than 10 minutes. In order to unlock a sprint cell phone, you will need the IMEI number and the new carriers SIM card. The phone will prompt you to enter the unlock code. For more information look here:;
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