How to Unlock All Cars?


Different racing games have different methods of unlocking cars. However, in most games the usual way to unlock cars is by completing the game especially in the hardest level the game can offer. Alternatively, you can gather unlock points or even use cheat codes downloaded from the internet.
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Depending on the type and year of the car, as well as the features, there are a few ways to unlock a car. The traditional way to unlock a car is to insert the key into the lock on
1. Finish in first, second or third place in any two races to unlock the City Bus. 2. Finish in first, second or third place in six checkpoint races to unlock the Ford Mustang Cruiser
1 To unlock DJ, enter the code form the cheats menu in OPTIONS and put MUSIC8R Ad 2 To unlock Boost, put the cheat: CHEATER
To unlock cars on Need For Speed Carbon, you need to win certain challenges. You can also unlock cars using a cheating device like Action Replay or Gameshark. You can find more information
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