How do you unlock car doors without a key?


The fastest and easiest way to unlock a car door without a key would be to use your fingers. Another alternative is to apply a suction cup to the outside of the door, press and pull.
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1. Hold the slim jim unlocking strap flat against the driver's side window with the hooked end of the strap near the bottom edge of the window frame. Car windows have two rubber strips
Most wrecker services can do it, but that can be expensive. Some cars can be opened with a Slim Jim. A flat, thin piece of metal with a hook on the end. This take some practice and
Slide the Slim Jim with the hook side down into the door's mechanical
Take a screwdriver and loosen the stop near the doorknob. The stop is the piece of wood that stops the door from swinging in the wrong direction (in this case, into the hall) It runs
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How to Unlock Car Doors Without a Key
No matter how careful we try to be, simple mistakes can end up creating difficult situations. The mind can wander for just a second and suddenly someone can be locked out of their car. As they stand scratching their head, looking in the window at the... More »
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The only other 'legal' way to unlock your car doors without a key; would be to use keyless remote entry or the Keypad that some cars have on the drivers door panel.
There is two good ways to unlock car doors. One is to use a metal coat hanger. You straighten it out and slip it between the window and the door until it hits the locking devise. Second way, call the police.
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