How to unlock the sim card without pin no.?


To unlock the sim card without pin no. first you get your idea number, receive your unlocking code, enter your unlocking code, ten your phone will be unlocked.
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1. Insert the straightened end of a paperclip into the hole in the top of the iPhone to release the SIM tray. Remove the SIM tray. 2. Attach the iPhone cable to the connector on the
1. Download and unpack the p2k drivers 2.9, scotty2_8.26_downgrader_v2 and P2K_Easy_Tool_v37 tools, and uncompress them to your hard disk using an uncompression utility like the free
1. Hold the iPhone so you are looking down at the top of the casing. You should see the headset jack and a small hole next to the jack. 2. Insert the thumbtack or end of a paperclip
1. Look underneath the battery of your Samsung SGH-A437. You should be able to find a small sticker containing a 15-digit number. If you can't find the sticker, just type "06
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A PIN Unlock key, also known as a personal unblocking key or PUK Code is a special and unique number that is used to help unlock the subscriber identity or SIM ...
Most UK orange mobile phones are locked totally to UK orange. Unlocking allows you to use all networks and sim cards worldwide. To get unlock code, visit the website ...
You can unlock your Net 10 SIM card with a code by requesting a IMEI code from the network. The IMEI code is an International Mobility Equipment Identity code. ...
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