How to unlock the sim card without pin no.?


To unlock the sim card without pin no. first you get your idea number, receive your unlocking code, enter your unlocking code, ten your phone will be unlocked.
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1. Enter the default PIN code. This code is determined by your carrier, and is usually "1111" or "1234." If these codes do not work, continuing entering incorrect
1 From the main “Start” screen, tap the Phone icon. Ad 2 Tap the “More…” option followed by “Call settings”. 3 Tap “Change SIM PIN
well i locked my sim card up too just a few weeks ago , What you do is if it asks you for a pin code or puk code dont try and guess what the password is bc that will lock the sim
You will need to obtain an unlock code. Unfortunately you will have to pay a few bucks, it may be cheaper then buying a new phone.
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