How to Unshrink a Shirt?


If you need to unshrink a shirt you can do so with the help of hair conditioner. Place the shirt in a sink and add lukewarm water along with some mild hair conditioner. The hair conditioner will relax the fibers and allow them to be molded. Remove the shirt and press, don't wring out the excess water. Place the shirt on a towel and gently stretch out the shirt to the desired size.
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Wash it, take it out while it is still wet, and gently stretch the length and each arm individually. Good luck! :)
Answer If it is 100% cotton wash it in cold water and before it spins after the rinse cycle take it out dripping wet and pull from each end and sides and let it drip dry. I have found
1. Some types of clothing are easier to unshrink than others. 2. Wool is easier than most items to unshrink: Put the wool garment into a sink filled with warm water. Keep the wool
1. Get a sponge and soak it in vinegar. Ad. 2. Apply the vinegar to the pants/shirt. Cover every single inch of the pants/shirt. This is very important. Try no to skip a spot. 3.
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How you would un-shrink a rayon shirt would be to soak it in baby shampoo and 1 quart of water for a few minutes. You then need to stretch it to its original ...
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