How to Unstick a Pill in Your Throat?


There are several things you can do to unstick a pill that is stuck in your throat. The first would be drinking something warm, carbonated, or thick, such as a juice or milk. If drinking something does not work, try eating something with volume to it, such as bread.
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1. The first step is to consult with your Primary Care Physician. If you are feeling annoyed and self-conscious about clearing your throat, and close friends/family have made comments
1 Cough to get all the mucus out of your throat and mouth, plus other things that you do not want or need. Ad 2 Next, use mouthwash, and brush your teeth. 3 This is important. Rinse
use a good graphite powder.
To remove a stuck from the throat, chew a piece of bread and swallo...
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If a pill is stuck in your throat, you can drink something thick to help push the pill down the esophagus. Easily swallowed food can also do this. However, many people feel there is a pill stuck there when the pill actually dissolved hours prior.
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