How to Unstick Pages of a Book?


It is really easy to unstick pages that are stuck together. To unstick pages of a book you can take something thin and run it between the pages that are stuck together. A credit card or a book mark works really well.
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what you need is a heat gun or a hair dryer you use this to warm the glue so it can be removed easier without damaging the paper. you need to do it very slowly and not heat it to
The cover page is double-sided. The front side includes the title and author of the book, the name of the publishing company, and the city in which the book is published. The back
Steaming them should work. Don't have the pages too close, be very patient and as soon as they start to come apart, keep them apart. Make sure you have some absorbent towelling to
1. Get a book. Any book will do. Paperback books are easiest, though. Ad. 2. Pinch one of the pages with the pad of your finger that you want to rip out. Don't pinch it too hard or
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